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Advantages of MVC Architecture

>> Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Currently most of the developers are working on MVC (Model,View,Controller) design pattern to develop web applications. Before going to the key points of Advantages of MVC architecture, just recollect the Structure of MVC .Model,View and Controller are the three components to separate logic to reuse entire the application. Developer role will become specific on particular layer and development of application will become easy.
Advantages of MVC Architecture_JavabynataraJ 
  • Modification of one logic does not effect other logic.
  • Easy to maintain and enhance the project.
  • Parallel development is possible due to this productivity is very good.
  • Project Leader divides a team into two parts.
    • 1. Web Authors
    • 2. JEE Developers.
  1. Web Authors: The front end developer uses some web templating language such as JSP to separate presentation logic of the application.
  2. JEE Developers: These programmers use JEE technologies like Servlets, EJB and e.t.c, to develop integration logic and business logic, persistence logic of the application.
While working with EJB , Spring and Hibernate technologies in model layer we can take the advantage of built in middle-ware services due to this programmer will not be over burdened.

Also MVC is having some disadvantages.

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