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1.3. MVC Architecture Layers

>> Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In MVC architecture based web-application development multiple layers will be involved like
  • Model layer
  • View layer
  • Controller layer

M(Model) Contains
  • Business Logic
  • Persistence Logic
  • Java Bean/EJB
  • Spring with Hibernate simply named as (Accounts Officer)
V(View) Contains
  • Presentation Logic
  • JSPs /Free marker simply named as (Beauticians)
C(Controller) Contains
  • Integration Logic
  • Servlet simply named as (Traffic Police).
Java application use JDBC or ORM (Object Relational Mapping)technologies like Hibernate to interact with database softwares.
  • Java applications use JCA(Java Connector Architecture) to interact with ERP (Enterprise Resource Plan) & CRM (Customer Resource Management).
  • Java Application use JNI ( Java Native Interface) to communicate with legacy system.
  • Integration Logic is the connectivity logic b/w model layer components.
  • Integration Logic controls and monitors all the operations that are taking place in MVC architecture based web-application.
  • Integration Logic is responsible to trap and take the request to send request to Model Layer, to get business logic execution request from model layer to pass request to view layer components
with respect to the above diagram:
  1. 1.Browser gives request to web application.
  2. 2.The controller Servlet traps and taken the request.
  3. 3.Controller servlet uses integration logic and passes the request to appropriate model layer to business component.
  4. 4.& 5. Model Layer business logic executes if necessary business components interacts with one of the back-end softwares for using persistence Logic.
  5. 6.The business Logic execution logic comes to controller servlet.
  6. 7. Controller servlet passes the new request to view always components JSP.
  7. 8. Presentation Logic of JSP formats the result and sends formatted result to browser as response.
Calling Model 1 as MVC 1, Model 2 as MVC 2 is always an appropriate terminalogy.

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