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Disadvantages of MVC Architecture

>> Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the development of MVC architecture based web application not only we need to use multiple technologies , but we also need to use(follow) set of rules in the development of web application. Also for parallel development of application more programmers with knowledge on multiple technologies is required.
Disadvantages of MVC Architecture_JavabynataraJ
  • Multiple layers are given in web-application development.Each layer is given for specific logics. Just keep only these logics and don't place any extra logics.
  • Every operation /execution that takes place in MVC architecture web application must be executed under the control of controller Servlet.
  • We can see multiple business components in Model layer. Multiple view components in View layer, But these should be only one Servlet acting as Controller.
  • Clean separation of logic is required in multiple layers of application development.
  • View components should not interact with model components directly and vice versa. This communication must be executed or happened through the controller Servlet.
  • Two types of web application must not interact each other directly. This communication should happens through controller Servlet.
  • Design pattern are the set of rules which come as best solution for real time problems of application development.
  • Senior developers design these design pattern based on experience and junior devolopers use these design patterns in projects development.
  • To develop Java, J2EE application as best application without having sideaffects of java, J2EE technologies. It is recommended to develop application by applying design patterns.
  • If design patterns becomes popular & minimum standards to devolop applications,base to design new softwares then design patterns acts as architectures.
  • MVC is gives as design patterns initially. After its popularity it has become MVC architecture.
  • Struts, JSF and etc framework softwares are designed based on MVC design pattern/architecture.
more over the disadvantages we have more advantages of MVC Architecture.
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