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Spring notes by Mr.Nataraz from Sathya Technologies

>> Saturday, November 23, 2013

Spring notes is written by one of the students of Mr.Nataraj sir. These classes were started at 28th Nov 2011 in Sathya Technologies. The guy who wrote this notes he didn't mention his name any where in the notes. But he attended almost all the classes. Now Nataraj sir providing his services with DurgaSoft.

This notes will cover all the topics given below:
Spring Notes by Nataraj Sir_JavabynataraJ
  • Introduction of Spring framework
  • Difference between Struts and Spring
  • Overview of Spring Technology 
  • Spring Introduction 
  • Dependencies and Dependency Injection (DI) 
  • Spring Container and API 
  • Database Access with Spring 
  • Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) 
  • Transaction (TX) Management 
  • Introduction to Spring Web MVC

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Reference Books:

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