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Java - Unable to Split a String on Caret (^) symbol as a delimiter

>> Saturday, July 29, 2017

In Java Regular Expressions , Caret ( ^ ) is a Special character. Here it means "it should match the beginning" of an input.
Split method using the Caret symbol on String

You we need to escape it with "\\^". The double slash is needed to escape the \, otherwise Java's compiler will think you're attempting to use a special \^ sequence in a string, similar to \n for newlines.

\^ is not a special escape sequence though, so you will get compiler errors.

In short, use "\\^".

String[] substr = str.split("\\^");

package com.string;
public class SplitCaret {
 public static void main(String[] args) {
 String str = "I^am^learning^java";
 String[] substr = str.split("\\^");
 for(String st: substr){

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