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Spring AOP & MVC notes by Mr.Sekhar sir

>> Sunday, September 14, 2014

Spring AOP and MVC notes(material) by Mr.SomaSekhar Reddy sir from NareshiTechnologies, Ameerpeta, Hyderabad.AOP(Aspect Oriented Programming) and MVC(Model View Controller) are come on top of the Spring Core module. Mr.Sekhar sir has explained all the topics in AOP including with annotations and diagrams.Also he has given in detail notes on MVC and XML. Go through the other modules Spring ORM notes and IOC and DAO notes by Sekhar sir.These will give you more knowledge on Spring framework.
Spring AOP and MVC notes Download_JavabynataraJ
The topics covered under AOP module:.

  • AOP Introduction
  • AOP Terminology
  • Example program using AOP

    • Aspects 
    • JointPoint 
    • PointCut
    • Advice
    • Target
    • Weaving
    • Proxy 
    • Weaver

  • Creating advises in Spring
  • Example programs on Before Advice,After Advice,Around Advice and Throws Advice
  • PontCut in AOP

    • StaticMethodMatcher point cut 
    • DynamicMethodMatcher point cut

  • Scehma-based AOP Support
  • Annotation based AOP
  • About Transaction
  • Transaction Management without Spring
  • Programmatic Transaction Management - Transaction Manager
  • Schema based Transaction Management
  • Annotation based Transaction Management

  • Spring MVC 
    • about MVC and enterprise application
    • Enterprise Application developing with Servlet Technology
    • Enterprise application developing with jsp,Servlet technologies
    • Model 2 or MVC II
    • MVC 2 Architecture
    • Advantages of MVC
    • Drawbacks or disadvantages of MVC
    • Advantages of Spring MVC Framework
    • Differences between Struts and Spring
    • Spring MVC Architecture
    • Spring MVC Workflow
    • Dispatcher Servlet and Controller
    • Model and View
    • Spring MVC with Annotations
      • Handler MappingBeanNameUrlHandlerMapping
      • ControllerClassNameHandlerMapping
      • SimpleUrlHandlerMapping
    • Spring MVC Handler Interceptors
    • Configuring Exceptions in web.xml
    • Exception Handling in Spring configuration
    • InternalResourceViewResolver
    • XML ViewResolver
    • ResourceBundleViewResolver
    • Bean Name View Resolver
    • Configure multiple view resolvers priority in Spring MVC
    • AbstractPDFView
    • AbstractExcelView
    • Tiles

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