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Creating a review from Atlassian FishEye

>> Saturday, July 20, 2013

FishEye Logo_JavabynataraJFishEye is an Atlassian tool to Search, track and visualize code changes. This provides a read only window into your Subversion, CVS, Git and Mercurial repositories, all in one place. This will keep a pulse on everything about your code. FishEye can can visualize and report on activity,integrate source with JIRA issues, and search for commits,files,revisions, or people. FishEye is one of the best tool form the Atlassian products.

Head First jQuery eBook pdf Download

>> Saturday, July 13, 2013

HeadFirst jQuery_JavabynataraJIf you are starting career as a web developer, then you should come across all these technologies like HTML,java script,CSS and jQuery. Jquery is the great scripting technology to develop web animations and effects on web pages. Be aware on HTML and javascript these are the grand father to jQuery. Head First jQuery book explains to reader from very basic way.

What we can learn from this book?

Head First jQuery is your express ticket to engaging, interactive web-sites that look and feel real applications.

Installing and Setting Classpath for Java

>> Saturday, July 6, 2013

Installing and Setting Classpath for Java_JavabynataraJBy seeing this post title you may get doubt. We already installed java and able to run programs also. Why this again? Actually i got a mail from java beginners like they are getting some problem while installing java and setting classpath on their Systems. So just a walk through regarding java installation and Setting classpath.

Let's start our java Installation:
Download Java latest version from oracle. Here i am going to install java 6.0. After downloading Double click on it. The process will start as shown in the below image.

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