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How to switch Workspace in WebSphere Studio Application Developer(WSAD)

>> Monday, August 22, 2011

Actually with WSAD v5.1.2 version we don’t find ‘SwitchWorkspace’ option like MyEclipse and with this feature that come with RAD 6.0.

However, we can change the workspace by changing the workspace directory which WSAD prompts on starting the workbench.

If, we checked the 'Use this workspace as default' option, then we will have to go to the command prompt and type in the following:

'C:\WSAD\v512\wsappdev -setworkspace'. (Usually WSAD is stored here).

If it is in a different location on your PC, then type in \wsappdev –setworkspace

What is the difference between Iterator and Listiterator ?

>> Saturday, August 20, 2011

There are two Differences are there :

1. We can use Iterator to traverse Set and List and also Map type of Objects. But List Iterator can be used to traverse for List type Objects, but not for Set type of Objects.

That is, we can get a Iterrator object by using Set and List, see here :

 By using Iterator we can retrieve the elements from Collection Object in forward direction only.

Methods in Iterator :

1. hashNext()
2. next()
3. remove()

Iterator ite = Set.iterator();
Iterator ite = List.iterator();

How to create a Repository in CVS

>> Friday, August 19, 2011


First off, you need to create a repository directory on some stable, trustworthy host. This directory is probably called something like
  • /opt/CVS
  • /usr/local/CVS
  • /mnt/CVS
You get the idea. Create this directory.
You need to set the envar CVSROOT to the name of that directory. For now, let's not worry about multiple repositories; we'll just note that by changing the envar you can make CVS look in one or another of several repositories, should you happen to have several.
There's a script cvsinit that came with CVS. You should use this script to help initialize your new repository. As the CVS INSTALL guide says, "There are many ways to customize CVS for your site. Read the cvs(5) manual page when you get the chance." I couldn't put it better myself.

Now we'll assume that you survived all of the above, and that you have a properly configured repository.

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