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Java The Complete Reference 7th Edition Download

>> Monday, January 30, 2012

The world's leading programming author offers comprehensive coverage of the new Java release

The definitive guide to Java has been fully expanded to cover every aspect of Java SE 6, the latest version of the worldAnd#39;s most popular Web programming language. This comprehensive resource contains everything you need to develop, compile, debug, and run Java applications and applets.

The Definitive Guide for Java Programmers

In this comprehensive resource, top-selling programming author Herbert Schildt shows you everything you need to develop, compile, debug, and run Java programs. This expert guide has been updated for Java Platform Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6) and offers complete coverage of the Java language, its syntax, keywords, and fundamental programming principles.

Download Java 2 Core Language Little Black Book

>> Sunday, January 29, 2012

The focus of this book is on the core Java language as implemented by the new version of Java, version 1.4. The book features a logical, sequential approach with concise overviews, then step-by-step immediate solutions created by a master Java programmer. This book is also packed with over 150 code listings which can be used as is or quickly modified.

  • Paperback: 440 pages
  • Publisher: Paraglyph Press; 1 edition (August 2002)
  • Language: English

Download Object Oriented Programming with Java eBook

>> Saturday, January 28, 2012

Object Oriented Programming with Java eBook_JavabynataraJ
An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java takes a full-immersion approach to object-oriented programming. Proper object-oriented design practices are emphasized throughout the book. Students learn how to use the standard classes first, then learn to design their own classes.

Wu uses a gentler approach to teaching students how to design their own classes, separating the coverage into two chapters. GUI coverage is also located independently in the back of the book and can be covered if desired.

Wu also features a robust set of instructors' materials including PowerPoint slides, code samples, and quiz questions.

Static ContextPath to Dynamic ContextPaths in Jsp and JS pages.

>> Thursday, January 26, 2012

Changing Static ContextPath to Dynamic ContextPath references in JSP and JS pages in our project. If you are working with any project on java and jsp technologies, if the requirement may come to change the static context paths to dynamic context path.

What is the need to change context path from static to dynamic context path?

While developing our application we use to develop to put our contextPath directly in some areas like for links and mostly for images we give absolute paths with context. We put this in developing the project. After developing the project , it goes to Testing after then to production.
Let us assume our project contextPath is "/myproj"

Understanding foreach loop in Java

>> Sunday, January 8, 2012

To make iteration over arrays and other collections more convenient Java5 extended the basic for loop and it is named as for-each Loop and also called as enhanced for loop or foreach loop.

The for-each loop is used to access each successive value in a collection of values.

This foreach loop is commonly used to iterate over an array or a Collections class (eg, ArrayList).

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