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Web Services notes by Mr Sekhar from Naresh i Tecnologies

>> Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Web Services class notes by Sekhar sir from Naresh i Technologes. Sekhar sir's full name is SomaSekharReddy. He is a one of the best trainers in the Hyderabad ameerpet institutes. Also he had trained many students on XML technologies, and taken classes on all the modules of Spring and given good notes on Spring modules. Most of the topics covered on AOP &MVC, IOC and DAO, ORM modules. Present in the Web Services he covered messages exchanging patterns,Web Service Definition Language(WSDL),Java API for XML-Based Rmote Procedure Calls (JAX-RPC),Java API for RESTful Web Services(JAX-RS) and Apache AXIS.
Web Services notes by Sekhar sir_JavabynataraJ

The topics covered under this Web Services class notes:
  • Introduction to WebServices
  • Web services architecture
  • Different types of WebServices
  • Web Services Development
  • MEP - Message Exchanging Patterns
  • MEF - Message Exchanging Formatts
  • Provider and Consumer Communication in distributed technology
  • Web Services development with JAX-RPC
  • simple application to run on webservices
  • How to trace SOAP message in Eclipse IDE
  • Specifying SOAP Handlers for a Web Service
  • Web Service example using Top-Down approach with eclipse IDE(Using JAX-RPC,AXIS implementation).
  • WSDL - Web Services Description Language
  • Basic Structure of WSDL
  • JAX-RPC API, Apache Axis implementation
  • Axis Project Setup
  • Axis Environment Setup to run command line tools
  • Web Service development with Axis(Contract first approach)
  • Deploying our application into Web Server
  • Apache AXIS
  • JAX-WS Architecture
  • JAX-WS Web Service Clients
  • JAX-WS Handler
  • JAX-RS Architecture
  • JAX-RS Web Service application example
Download Web Services notes_JavabynataraJ

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