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Hibernate notes by Sekhar sir from Naresh i Technologies

>> Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hibernate notes (material) by Mr.Sekhar sir is given in PDF file format to download. I have given many pdf materials of Sekhar sir like Spring , WebServices, and XML notes. He covered all the topics in Spring with different modules. Currently Sekhar sir is working with Sathya Technologies. In this Hibernate class notes he covered all the Hibernate interview Questions and differences between load and get methods and about lazy loading. I am sure that you can easily understand the hibernate class notes.
Hibernate notes by Mr.Sekhar -JavabynataraJ

The topics covered under this class notes:
  • Hibernate Introduction
  • Hibernate Architecture
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Hibernate
  • Hibernate Mapping syntax
  • Configure Hibernate environment in your System
  • Steps to Develop Hibernate Application
  • CRUD Application Example
  • Using Annotations example
  • Hibernate - The type Annotation configuration is deprecated
  • About hibernate.cfg.xml
  • What do you know about dialect in Hibernate?
  • Explain more about Hibernate mapping file?
  • What is Configuration object?
  • Persistent Object life cycle
  • Hibernate Life Cycle
  • Persistance and Detached states
  • Hibernate Lazy loading and eager loading
  • load and get methods
  • update and saveOrUpdate methods
  • Session methods
  • Batch Processing
  • Different types of mappings
  • one to one
  • one to many
  • many to one
  • many to many
  • and different topics covered under this class notes.

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