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Struts Notes by Mr.Ramesh from DurgaSoft

>> Wednesday, December 25, 2013

In Current market almost all projects are running with advanced frameworks like Struts 2,Spring,Hibernate and WebServices instead of using Struts 1.2(1.X). But Still most of the companies are using the same technology(Struts 1.2) to maintain the previous projects developed by Struts 1.2 and to provide support for the online banking and some Health Care projects. So learning 1.2 also give you good opportunities in the current market. So go ahead to learn Struts 1.2.
Struts notes by Mr.Ramesh from DurgaSoft_JavabynataraJ
This Struts material was delivered by Mr.N.Ramesh is a Real time expert from Durga Software Solutions. DurgaSoft prepared this softcopy. This PDF file contains 98 pages with the contents given below.
  • STRUTS Introduction
  • The Struts Controller Components
  • The ActionForm Class
  • Action Class
  • The RequestProcessor
  • Validator Framework
  • Struts Built-in Actions
  • ForwardAction
  • DispatchAction
  • LookupDispatchAction
  • MappingDispatchAction
  • FileUpload
  • Struts Plugin
  • Struts Tag Libraries
  • Tiles Framework
  • Design Patterns
  • Struts 2 and FAQs.
Struts Notes by Mr.Ramesh from DurgaSoft_JavabynataraJ
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