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Configure Tomcat in MyEclipse 9.1

>> Sunday, September 16, 2012

Once the Tomcat 6.0 installation is done in your local system, configure it in MyEclipse IDE.
Follow the below steps to configure Tomcat 6.0 in your MyEclipse.
Step1: Go to MyEclipse menu bar and select Window menu from there select preferences.

 Step2: Select MyEclipse from the Preferences  window. Select Tomcat menu and Enable the radio button and select the Tomcat home directory, and automatically the below base directory will select by default.As show given below
 Select the apache-tomcat-7.0.8 directory

 Step3: Select jdk from Tocat menu. Add the Jdk home directory.If you are using any JVM arguments to run give it there.
 Step4: Select launch submenu option from Tomcat and then select default Tomcat 7.x launch mode as "Debug mode". Debug mode is the option used for developers.

Step5: After coniguring 6.x or 7.x you can check run the server in debug mode

 Step6: The server will strart running in debug mode. you can check it in console window.
I hope you can run your first HelloWorld Servlet Application on MyEclipse.

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