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Head First Design Patterns eBook Download

>> Saturday, June 28, 2014

Normally Computer Science Academic text books are written in highfalutin language. But there is nothing wrong in that to have that type of languge. Here O'Reilly's Head First series breaks the textbook mold with verve.The most successful Head First effort, introducing the point of design patterns, the families of design patterns, and a selection of specific patterns with ease and elegance. 
Head First Design Patterns Download_JavabynataraJ

Head First Design Patterns is a great way to get a good overview (and some meat) about design patterns.
This will interest programmers and computer scientists the most, but as you learn near the end of the book, design pattern were first created by an architect! So if you're interested is solving problems or how to break apart a problem into pieces that are more easily solved, this book may interest you. 
Head First Design Patterns ebook download_JavabynataraJ
Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Welcome to Design Patterns
1.1. It started with a simple SimUDuck app
1.2. But now we need the ducks to FLY
1.3. But something went horribly wrong
1.4. Joe thinks about inheritance
1.5. Sharpen your pencil
1.6. How about an interface?
1.7. What would you do if you were Joe?
1.8. The one constant in software development
1.9. Sharpen your pencil
1.10. Zeroing in on the problem
1.11. Separating what changes from what stays the same
1.12. Designing the Duck Behaviors
1.13. Implementing the Duck Behaviors
1.14. There are no Dumb Questions
1.15. Sharpen your pencil
1.16. Integrating the Duck Behavior
1.17. More Integration
1.18. Testing the Duck code
1.19. Setting behavior dynamically
1.20. The Big Picture on encapsulated behaviors
1.21. HAS-A can be better than IS-A
1.22. Speaking of Design Patterns
1.23. Design Puzzle
1.24. Overheard at the local diner
1.25. Overheard in the next cubicle
1.26. The power of a shared pattern vocabulary
1.27. How do I use Design Patterns?
1.28. There are no Dumb Questions
1.29. Skeptical Developer-Friendly Patterns Guru
1.30. Tools for your Design Toolbox
1.31. Design Puzzle Solution
1.32. Solutions. 

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