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DeployingWAR FileWith Sun Java SystemApplication Server

>> Saturday, October 16, 2010

After you install Directory Server Enterprise Edition, you can deploy theWARfile to access
DSCC. The following procedure contains the deployment instructions to deploy theWARfile:

▼ To DeployWAR FileWith Sun Java SystemApplication

Create theWAR file for DSCC.

$ install-path/bin/dsccsetup war-file-create
For native packages installation, theWARfile is created in the /var/opt/SUNWdsee7/ directory.
For zip distribution installation, theWARfile is created in the install-path/var directory.
Initialize the DSCC registry.

$ install-path/bin/dsccsetup ads-create
Choose password for Directory Service Manager:
Confirm password for Directory Service Manager:
Creating DSCC registry...
DSCC Registry has been created successfully
To create server instances on the same host where DSCC is deployed, register the DSCC agent in
CommonAgent Container.
$install-path/bin/dsccsetup cacao-reg
Type the following command to check the location and other statistics of yourWARfile and
DSCC registry:
$ install-path/bin/dsccsetup status
Create an application server instance.
$ mkdir /local/domainroot
$ cd app-server-install-path/bin
$ asadmin create-domain --domaindir /local/domainroot --adminport 3737 \
--user admin dscc7
Edit the server.policy file.
a. Open the server.policy file.
$ vi /local/domainroot/dscc7/config/server.policy
DeployingWAR FileWith Sun Java System Application Server
Sun Directory

b. Add the following statements to the end of the file:
// Permissions for Directory Service Control Center
grant codeBase "file:${com.sun.aas.instanceRoot}/applications/j2ee-modules/dscc7/-"
permission java.security.AllPermission;
The addition configures the application server to grant all the Java permissions to the DSCC

Deploy theWAR file in your application server instance.

$ asadmin start-domain --domaindir /local/domainroot --user admin dscc7
$ cp install-path/var/dscc7.war /local/domainroot/dscc7/autodeploy
For more information about creating and configuring application server instances and
deploying theWARfile, refer to the Sun Java System Application Server OnlineHelp.
Open DSCC.
Use http://hostname:8080/dscc7 or https://hostname:8181/dscc7 based on the
configuration of your application server.
The Directory ServiceManager Login page displays.

click here to download the fulll pge

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