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Spring IOC & DAO notes by Sekhar sir

>> Friday, August 15, 2014

Spring IOC and DAO modules full notes by Mr.SomaSekhar Reddy from Naresh i Technologies, Opposite to Satyam Theatre,Ameerpeta, Hyderabad.Students used to call him as Sekhar sir and he is a java certified professional. He trained many students on Hibernate framework,XML,Webservices,Spring ORM,AOP,IOC and DAO modules and advanced java too.Now he is working with Sathya Technologies Hyderabad. You can also download XML class notes by Sekhar sir which will help you to learn quickly.
Spring IOC and DAO notes by Mr.Sekhar_JavabynataraJ
Topics covered under this material:
  • Spring Architecture and Layers
  • Primitive Datatype Constructor Injection
  • Object type Constuctor Injection
  • Object type Setter Injection
  • IOC Example program
  • Layer Constructor Injection
  • Layer Setter Injection
  • Restaurent IOC Project
  • IOC Terminology
  • Spring IOC Interview Questions
  • All possible values of scope attributes
  • Bean Configuration level Inheritance
  • Injecting Collection Objects
  • Injecting List Object
  • Set Primitive Injection
  • Set Object Injection
  • Array Primitive Injection
  • Array Object Injection
  • Map Primitive Injection
  • Map Object Injection
  • Properties Primitive Injection
  • Dependency Check
  • Global default dependency Checking
  • Spring dependency checking with @Required Annotation
  • AutoWiring
  • Lazy init
And Spring Concepts also covered in this material
  • Exception Handling Logic
  • Transaction Logic
  • Resource Allocation Logic
  • Connection Pooling
and more concepts on DAO and Interview Questions covered under this.

Spring IOC and DAO Download
Reference Books:

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